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Peelander-Z - Super DX Hitz

Super DX Hitz

Super DX Hitz


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Super DX Hitz is much more than a collection of greatest hits though, it’s 28 tracks of brain melting Peelander-Z fun! All of thePeelander-Z classics are here: “So Many Mike”, “Ninja High School” and re-recorded ("DX") versions of “Mad Tiger” and“STEAK”.

There are also cuts from every Peelander-Z release from 2001-2009, plus selected compilation, 7-inch tracks, and a couple of rarities. But that’s not all, also included is a bonus karaoke DVD with five sing along videos!

Peelander-Yellow sums it up just fine saying, “Can't wait till August 9th! There is no doubt that this is the greatest hits album of Peelander-Z!!!"

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