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We Were The States - Rasa




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"Despite floods that left their Nashville recording studio under two feet of water last summer, We Were the States persevered to deliver an imperfect but intriguing follow-up to their auspicious 2008 debut, Believe the Thieves. Standouts on Rasa are songs where the Murfreesboro, Tenn., quintet doubles down on hook-laden modern rock with just enough quick right turns to keep it interesting. Case in point, "Gold" is a tweaked-out, stagger-stepping pop force that makes liking someone more than God and cocaine sound like a state of grace. "Daft Since 77" is a high-volume colossus looking for a coliseum. Flashes of glam and hard rock reminiscent of latter-day Sweet bolster Justin Webb's dramatic vocal growl."- Greg Beets, Austin Chronicle

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