Peelander Family Jamboree 2013 Highlight Reel


Peelander-Z makes the ultimate punk record for kids of all ages! Guest stars include members of The Riverboat Gamblers, The Octopus Project, Math The Band, Black Joe Lewis' Honeybears, Atash and Jack O' Fire.

Peelander-Z has appeared at major music festivals including Bonnaroo, CMJ and SXSW, and played with artists such as Buckethead, Electric SIx, Particles, The Vibrators, and Guitar Wolf. Peelander-Z has also been featured on TV programs like VH1's Best Week Ever, Comedy Central's Upright Citizens Brigade, Spike TV's MXC: Most Extreme Challenge, and Anime Network. They also often perform at Anime conventions and festivals all over the US, as well as at Kaiju Big Battel.

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 ""Milkman" is a rad, urgent rocker full of frontlady Alicia Bognanno's vocal harmonies, and "Faceblind" is a slightly more pensive mid-tempo jam. Hashtag both good"- Nashville Cream

"New 7" single 'Milkman' b/w 'Faceblind' goes further. It carries a more blitzing pace, with pop punk influences tearing through and splintering the surface. Primarily the project of Alicia Bognanno, it's in her vocals that things get seriously exciting. Every screeching word audible above a thick racket of guitars, regardless of the crazed direction-changes these tracks tend to take off on, she holds her own. Consider this 2014's answer to Cloud Nothings."- This is Fake DIY (UK)

"On the strength of these two tracks, and their debut EP, Bully are one of the most impressive new bands in the world right now."- Crack in The Road

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All The Good Times
"All The Good Times"

 Limited edition colored vinyl, digital download card included.

(CD/LP out November 12, 2013)

For the upcoming Starlings, TN release All The Good Times, the band’s seventh full-length, arriving November 12th via Austin’s Chicken Ranch Records label, Stubblefield shares writing duties with bassist Mitchell Vandenburg, as well as longtime friend, Birdie Benjamin. Vandenburg previously appeared on 2012’s Starlings, TN album Heartache In 4/4 Time on which the three were also joined by Bryan Robison on guitar, rounding out the group. “Bryan (Robison) and I have been friends for 20 years,” says (Tim) Bryan, so I’m glad we’re finally playing together. We should have done it sooner!”

In addition to the collaborative nature of its tunes, All The Good Times represents a revolution in Stubblefield’s writing perspective, with more observational, narrative songs as opposed to the cathartic exercises that he was used to relying on. “I have often used my writing as a survival tool,” he says. “For now, those days are behind me.”

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Burnt Ends
"Burnt Ends"

 The first single from the upcoming Starlings, TN album, "All The Good Times".  Includes a non-album demo of "The Thompson Boys".  (Available 10/29/2013).

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Peelander-Z's homage to "80s Hair Metals", a sonically awesome a fun romp through hard rock and heavy metal as seen through the eyes of our favorite space aliens...

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Ride on The Shooting Star
"Ride on The Shooting Star"

 The first single from "Metalander-Z", backed with a remix of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!".

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Savanteous: The Final Reckoning
"Savanteous: The Final Reckoning"

The caustic, erratic, and always hilarious Savanteous, (aka Savanteous Q Malmsteen, aka ‘Clip), bring us his “final” album, “Savanteous: The Final Reckoning”. It’s the final album for Savanteous, and the debut album for Savanteous’ Geoff Johnston, DFW based writer and author of the legendary “Monsters of MySpace”.

“Savanteous: The Final Reckoning”, serves up several slices of suburban lifes seasoned with sarcasm and nerdy wit.

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Converse Rubber Tracks Sessions
"Converse Rubber Tracks Sessions"

Two Starlings, TN classics re-recorded for the Converse Rubber Tracks Sessions project during SXSW 2013.  (Out August 13, 2013)

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Savanteous- The Final Reckoning
(August 6, 2013)

Starlings, TN- Converse Rubber Tracks Session
(August 13, 2013)

Peelander-Z - Metalander-Z
(September 10, 2013)

Starlings, TN- All The Good Times
(November 2013)


April 19- Peelander-Z
Portland, OR- Hawthorne Theatre Lounge

April 21- Peelander-Z
Seattle, WA- El Corazon

April 22- Peelander-Z
Boise, ID- Neurolux

April 24- Peelander-Z
Missoula, MT- Palace

April 25- Peelander-Z
Bozeman, MT- Zebra Cocktail Lounge

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